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Schedule a Virtual Hackathon with The Eternal Hackathon

Welcome, we're thrilled to see you're interested in scheduling a Virtual Hackathon with us! The process is straightforward, transparent, and designed to provide your team with an exciting and engaging experience.

How to Apply?

Applying is as simple as filling out the form above. Once you submit your details, our team reviews your request and gets in touch with you to discuss specifics. We'll look at your goals, your team, and the type of hackathon that would benefit you the most.

Preparing for the Virtual Hackathon

Prior to the event, we'll provide a comprehensive onboarding process, ensuring your team is well-prepared. This includes understanding the rules, setting up the necessary tech environment, and brainstorming ideas.

What to Expect on the Day?

Expect a day filled with creativity, problem-solving, and coding fun! Guided by our expert facilitators, your team will work on their projects, collaborate and learn from each other. At the end, teams will present their projects and we'll celebrate the innovation and progress made.

The Lasting Impact of a Hackathon

More than just an event, a hackathon can drive significant innovation and change in your company. It's a unique opportunity to let your team think outside the box, explore new ideas, and develop unique solutions to challenges. The hackathon can also act as a fantastic team-building activity, strengthening communication, and collaboration within your team.

Adopting the #buildinpublic ethos, your hackathon project could even gain traction and popularity in the public domain, fostering excitement around your brand and potential viral attention.

Ready to catalyze innovation in your team? Schedule your Virtual Hackathon today!

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